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Here at Ugly Bunny, we are committed to making our impact on the planet as minimal or thoughtful as possible. That means working with suppliers who also feel the same. We want to care the planet and do our part, while working to foster renewal and work to educate and grow this mission within our community.


Wherever possible, we want to work with materials that can be composted. That means working with printers and suppliers to use compost-friendly inks, dyes, and glues for our packaging.


It matters to us that wherever possible, we used recycled materials. This can include packaging supplies that were previously used paper or plastic products, including single use bags, bottles, and other common plastic items. The plastic is processed at a recycling facility and put back into circulation, thus doubling its lifespan.

We want you to help too! When you are done with the packaging products; make sure you recycle them in their appropriate categories; plastics, papers, etc, so it goes to the right plant and doesn't end up in the landfill.


Our goal is to create reusable packaging that has a built-in second (and possibly third, fourth, etc.) use. While most packaging is typically single use, and recycled after it accomplishes its primary goal, reusable packaging can be used multiple times for a variety of functions.

Our cotton pouches are an excellent example of this - you can reuse the pouches to store your jewelry when you travel, hold your bobby pins or hair ties, to care for little treasures.


The most widely used petroleum-based plastics such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polystyrene (PS) are not biodegradable. It is our commitment to minimize our use wherever possible in the creation of your jewelry and our packaging.


We joined the Eco Packaging Alliance with No Issue. That means our tissue paper is made of eco-friendly inks and is 100% recycleable! Learn More.

We also teamed up with Pachama. When you choose to checkout using Shop Pay - your order will be offset and carbon neutral. Learn More.

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